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Welcome to the Grayson County Health Center. We are so excited for 2020! It's another year of serving the great folks of Grayson County--and we look forward to it! 

For years, the health center has been central to the health and well-being of our community. From immunizations, sexual education, family planning, HANDS, WIC, and more. The foundation of a healthy community has, is and will always be public health.

In 1987, my mother and father welcomed me into the world. My dad worked his hands to the bone; however, insurance was not a luxury we had the majority of my early childhood. I wouldn't be the person I am today without our local health department. My parents relied heavily on the assistance of public health nurses and other medical professionals to give me a healthy childhood.

Although the health department assists people that have limited income, some of our services and programs have other ways to qualify such as HANDS. Along with clinical services and family planning, there is also Environmental Services.

The Environmental Services department at GCHC works to ensure that our local restaurants are clean and sanitary. It also assists in issuing permits and making sure that no environmental hazards exist. 

Simply put, the Grayson County Health Center has so much to offer. We have recently released our Community Impact Report--which I encourage everyone to read and understand. This report shows just how valuable public health is to our community.

Come by and see us. Call us at 270-259-3141. We are here to serve!

In Service,

Joshua Embry, B.S., M.S., M.B.A

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