State Fitness Incentives 

Stay Well Program

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Biometric Screening Eligibility: Employees of the Commonwealth of Kentucky age 18 and older or retirees younger than 65 and currently eligible to receive KEHP benefits and this must be your first biometric screen between Jan 1 and July 1.


Biometric Screen

  • You should fast 9-12 hours

  • We perform a glucose and lipid profile

  • We check your blood pressure, height, weight, BMI and waist measurement

  • We submit your results to StayWell for you to earn incentives

Promise incentive: Keep your Living Well promise by completing a biometric screen or health assessment before July 1, 2020 for a $40 per month discount on your health insurance in 2021.

Engagement incentive: Earn up to $200 per year for completing health and wellness activities with StayWell.

For information, call 270-259-3141 option 0. 

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