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Public Health Professionals 

The Grayson County Health Department is staffed with public health professionals that are ready to assist when needed. 

Administration | 270-259-3141; Option 0

Joshua Horton-Embry, Public Health Director  

Marlaina Priest-Meier, Finance/HR


Administrative Support | 270-259-3141; Option 1

Donna Perkins, Support Specialist 

Kaylee Embry, Support Specialist 

Vickie McKinney, Support Specialist


Clinic | 270-259-3141; Option 1

Angee McCreery, RN, Nursing Supervisor

Angie Hinton, RN, Clinic Nurse

Kristin Buck, APRN, Clinic Provider 

Jessica Brown, Clinical Assistant 

Krissy Logsdon, RN, BSN, Policy Management


Health Academy | 270-259-3141; Option 4

Jenny Cummings, FSW, Academy Supervisor/Instructor

Jessica Kiper, Accreditation Coordinator/Grant Writer


HANDS | 270-259-3141; Option 3


Sarah Meredith, RN, HANDS Supervisor 

Tonya Cockerel, Family Support Worker

Chelsea Peak, Family Support Worker 

Jordan Atwell, Family Support Worker  

Megan Dennison, Family Support Worker

Courtney Embry, RN, Family Support Worker

Margo Startcher, Data Entry


Environmental | 270-259-3141; Option 5

Jerry Brackett, Environmental Supervisor 

Kelly Maeser, Environmental Support Specialist

Jessica Hughes, Environmentalist 

John Taylor, Environmentalist 

Bob Maeser, Plumbing Inspector 


Preparedness | 270-259-3141; Option 0

Marlaina Priest-Meier