Stop Hoarding Food and Supplies

Updated: Mar 30

I got to my office the other day, and it didn't take my staff long to notify me that we had some emergency issues in the county due to panic buying. According to our WIC Coordinator, several families in the county had reported shortages of baby formula--some families were driving as far as Bowling Green to find formula in-stock.

Along with this shortage, toilet paper, a basic necessity in any household, has been ruled MIA--and now milk is running low.

On 3/18/2020, Kroger confirmed that there were no issues with the actual food supply. Instead, the shortages are due to people panic buying. This is resulting in empty shelves as stores cannot keep items stocked. I, along with many other community members, find this not only disheartening...but selfish.

There is no reason to buy way more than you can use at this time. Other families, including infants, are being negatively impacted. Furthermore, the state of this disaster will grow much worse, unnecessarily worse, because an inadequate supply of food only causes more panic in our community.

The Governor of Kentucky encouraged people today to not allow social distancing to cause a lack of compassion for your neighbors. It's a public health necessity that everyone in our community remain calm when shopping--and only limit our consumption to what we will need until our next trip to the grocery store.

It's my understanding that local leadership is tackling this issue. I'm very happy to hear it--and I applaud their efforts. Until the situation is under control, I encourage all of us to work together--and consider the common-good for our neighbors and our community.

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