Exercise - Key Component of Reducing Heart Disease

Updated: Feb 27

Get up, Get Moving

One of the best ways to increase overall health is to exercise. Exercise reduces health issues such as obesity. Furthermore, there are scientific studies that show that exercising can actually decrease the likelihood of developing certain cancers. According to the CDC, “physical activity can even improve how we feel.” In so many ways working out is the best medicine that we can take. Exercise is also good medicine for our heart.

Here’s the catch, though. Exercise takes time and energy. Many of us shuffle throughout our weeks trying to cram in as many things as we can. How would we ever fit in a trip to the gym when we are already so consumed? A trip to the gym five days a week might be impossible in all reality. However, we can do certain things throughout the week that can help us burn calories.

The other day while driving home I saw a father out walking with his two sons. They seemed to be taking a stroll together. I smiled as I drove by; I admired the effort that this dad was putting forth to not only spend time with his sons, but to also incorporate some exercise with them. This brings me to the first thing we can do to build in exercise into our already busy week. We can take a quick walk before or after dinner. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. A ten to fifteen minute stroll can make a big difference when done consistently.

Another idea to incorporate exercise was presented to me a few years ago by a friend of mine that’s a personal trainer. It’s easy to do, it’s free, and it doesn’t take much time. As we go about our days going to shopping centers and such, park away from front entrances so that we are required to walk further. Simple enough! However, if done so over-and-over it can make a difference in overall health.

There are other ways to incorporate exercise. If we live close to work, we can walk or ride a bike versus driving. During our lunch break we can walk outside—or walk from one end of the building to another—back and forth. We can take the stairs instead of using the elevator. These are just a few more examples. The list goes on and on, and our list of excuses run out quickly.

Going to a gym routinely is the ideal way to loose and or maintain weight. However, some of us just don’t have that luxury given our schedules. Nonetheless, there are ways that we can build in exercise into our daily routines. It just takes willingness and consistency. So let’s stop making excuses. Our health depends on it.

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