Community Health Needs Assessment

Updated: Feb 27

The face of public health is shifting as new tides roll in from Frankfort, changing how funding is received. Currently, health departments receive funding for three core program: WIC, HANDS, and Harm Reduction. In the past, we have been able to use additional funds for programs outside of these core programs to address other health-related issues. However, as these changes take effect programs outside of the core programs must be proven as needed by conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment.

A Community Health Needs Assessment can be completed in several different ways. One popular method is to perform a survey that’s open to members of the community. Community members complete the survey and submit the results. These results are then compiled—and data is used to support outreach programs.

This year the health center will be conducting its very own Community Health Needs Assessment. This assessment will begin in April with a survey portion. The survey will be available for completion until mid-July. Along with the survey, the health department has invited community professionals, all having a connection to the medical field, to come together and discuss what they see as a needed based on clinical services within Grayson County. This meeting will take place in May.

The core programs noted in this article will continue to operate with needed funding. However, we will be relying greatly on the community to indicate other needs, thereby supporting how and where we put additional funding to work. We will make the survey process as easy as possible. It will be available in different forms, digital and paper.

We understand that taking surveys can be time consuming. However, this assessment will allow every person to be a part of shaping local public health. This is an exciting opportunity—and we encourage everyone to make their opinion heard.

For more information about the upcoming Community Health Needs Assessment, please reach out to the health center at 270-259-3141.

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