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Q and A

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have a question after viewing this page, please feel free to contact us at 270-259-3141.

Do I have to make an appointment with the clinic?

Yes; due to COVID-19, we are only seeing patients with appointments at this time.


Are clinical services confidential?

Yes. HIPAA Law requires that clinical-related services remain confidential. 

Should I get tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

We recommend that anyone who has been sexually active be screened routinely. If a person develops symptoms, an appointment should be scheduled immediately to conduct testing.


How do I get tested for COVID-19?

For information about COVID-19, click here.

How do I report COVID-19 non-compliance?

To report business non-compliance with COVID-19 regulations, call 1-833-597-2337.

Are immunizations dangerous?

The CDC recommends immunizations to ensure health and well-being. For information about vaccinations, visit


How do I report environmental issues?

Our environmental department can be reached by clicking here.