About Us


Proudly Independent 

GCHD is an independent health department meaning that we are community-focused and county-operated. 

Although affiliated with the state, GCHD has deep roots in Grayson County--and is a proud member of our local chamber. 

We work with our local schools, hospital, and other key community partners in promoting local public health.

Our Mission

The mission of GCHD is to serve the residents of Grayson County by promoting public health and disease prevention.

Our Vision

The vision of GCHD is to improve the physical and mental health of our local community by tackling local health issues, decreasing disease, and helping residents achieve better health through resources offered here at the health department or by collaborating with our community partners. 

Road to Improvement 2021

GCHD is investing the time and resources necessary to improve our services. In July of 2021, GCHD started the road to accreditation. Furthermore, GCHD is working on implementing an Electronic Health Records system to improve accessibility--allowing our patients access to their health records via a patient portal. 

Joshua Embry, BS, MS, MBA

Director's Message 2021

Welcome to the Grayson County Health Department. GCHD has a strong, consistent record of serving the folks of Grayson County, Kentucky. We are committed to bettering our services.

Since 2020 GCHD has been on a path to improvement through expanding our services and instilling a collaborative approach in working with community partners. 

As an independent health department, we serve Grayson County with a passion to improve public health in our local setting.